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A Minetest Train Ride 2019-06-15

I know I said I was dumping Minetest... please forgive me for playing secretly. I am still really harshed out by the version 5.x upgrade but I really can't find anything else that can take the place of Guild Wars. It seems Minetest (version 0.4.x) is the only thing I can find that I will be able to play for a very long time, which is what I need since I am not one of thoe "gamers" who likes to play three games at a time and then three different games next week.

Anyways, I had some mese stowed away and thought I should make a rail line to "some other part of the map" so I can have a new place to play in. I basically setup a small train station near my home and started a straight line of stone going north. When I came to a beach I started laying down the tracks. The video is actually double speed, so the trip is really six minutes long.

Now, what should I start building at the beach?

I should also note that the screen recording was done with Kazam, and the music is My Sleeping Karma's 2008 album Satya.

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