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Spring Ditch Pick 2019-05-14

morebricks Thanks douchebags.

Today I spent a little over three hours dragging garbage out of the ditches on this kilometer long dead end dirt road. Turns out there was a lot of crap in there. Smashed patio stones, smashed bricks, and a parade of plastic that probably isn't helping to keep my drinking water clean. I am willing to accept that some of this crap fell off the garbage truck, but clearly there are people who feel like my road is the best place to dispose of various construction materials, beer cans, and cigarette packs.

Turns out, while I was pickin' there were some birders who came along... though they didn't offer to pick up a single piece of garbage. Well birders, you know why you get to enjoy the beauty of nature when you visit my neighbourhood? Yeah, this fuckin' guy right here.

As James Parks said as the character Clell Watson in the very first episode of Deadwood (in a nsfw way):

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