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Oh Boy Oh Horsemen 2019-05-03

I was talkin' on the phone this morning with a buddy of mine who was tellin' me about his skills as a "hahsman". It reminded me of this clip from the 1950 film Rio Grande and I felt like I just had to post it. It sounds like he's pretty thrilled about bein' a hahsman, and I'm hopin' he kicks some ass at the show he's got comin' up.

No animals were harmed in the making of this clip. Maybe.

I should note that as a result of this post I have updated a few of my posts here at to use the ogv format for my videos. They are stored (well, hosted) at which provides a few different formats by default and it turns out .ogv is better supported, at least by my crappy outdated version of Firefox ESR.

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