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Giving Up On Minetest 2019-04-03

I have been trying to find a replacement for Guild Wars for some time now. Lately the best candidate seems to have been Minetest which is similar in nature to Infiniminer and Minecraft. I struggled with getting it to run on a VPS and ended up putting it on a dedicated machine behind a 15Mbit DSL connection. Turns out, it just uses too much bandwidth for that. Then there is the fact that v5 has been released which is entirely not compatible with v4. Now there is a whole "thing" about the version numbering, and you can go find it if you like, but the general idea is that they went from v4.0.17.1 to v5.0.0. Frankly I am far more concered with it's complete incompatability than what they want to number it.

pick it! Adam.

I tried to like this game, I really did. I gave it more of a chance than any game since Guild Wars in fact. However, I just can't keep feeding it. I spent a lot of time testing and screwing with plugins (which are required to add actual content to the game) and I fought with compiling a few times too. I really wanted it to be the game I could play for the next decade [at a minimum], but I don't think it is. I just can't invest turdloads of time in to figuring out something that is going to abandon me anyways.

Anybody know of a game that I can host for myself, play with other people, that doesn't depend on garbage like .NET or Java, and that does not run out of content? Seriously?

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