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Catching Up: Marigold And Engrish Mats 2019-02-05

Kind of recently I bought some rubber-like mats to put in front of the hot tub. I just wanted something that would keep me from wiping out on the ceramic tile floor when I get out. The mats are those "puzzle piece" style sections and I guess they work just fine for the purpose. The best part though, was the paper insert that was in the packaging. I believe the language used is known as Engrish, which is what you get when someone [typically Asian] tries to directly translate a phrase to English.

513_th Happy Engrish label here.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from this paper (click for full size):

Yes, yes it is better to be cleaned with wet towel. Just to be safe, they threw in a warning that says "Don't swallow!" which makes me wonder if someone actually tried to swallow a two foot by two foot foam mat. Seriously, how did they come to the conclusion that warning is necessary? Anyways, if that wasn't a good enough post for ya, here's a photo of Marigold out on a walk to make things better:

snowigold Happy Marigold enjoy missing summer.

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