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Claire Nash Really Gets Me 2018-10-08

sidepath Nothing really.

Obviously anybody who can find their way to a search engine can find my web site. I guess you generally have to have some specific search terms to find it (since I rank so low), but it is still in the page results somewhere. Clearly my web site is not something advertisers care about because I simply don't have the traffic volume required to make money. Yet, somehow Clair Nash found her way to my site. She was so impressed with my web site that she thought it was worth advertising on. She must figure I am at least as popular as the Excite search aggregator.

Okay, so there might be a little sarcasm there. It would seem to me that Claire Nash was just blasting through web sites looking for email addresses that had anything to do with content producers. No matter how crappy that content may be. I know she went blasting through, because if she had read anything here it would have quickly become apparent that I think advertisers are soulless empty husks of whores. Anyways, here's what her email said:

Hi team at Snork

How are you?

Do you offer *article placements* on your site:

- We would get the article written which will fit the nature/topic of your
- In the article there is a good chance there will be a link going to a
gaming/betting review site, which will be very well integrated.
- Payment is made via Paypal.

What are your rates for such a placement?

Thank you

*Claire - Media Manager* <>

Well... "gaming/betting" sounds like me eh? I can't get enough of lame hardware like this for games made by software vendors who don't care about the people who buy their products. I am just in love with betting sites that are just feeding off the financial stools people who can't afford it to begin with. I wonder if Claire can be found spreading her crap elsewhere eh? According to the awesome Excite search aggregator Clair dumped the exact same text here and here and here and here... twice. Okay, so maybe there is no Claire, and maybe this is just spam dumping on sites that have a "contact" page. Maybe I should reply and see if I can get some awesome ads around here. Maybe... ahhh all I can do is wish for agony for whoever the shady douche is that sent me this crap.

PS: Seriously, don't go to that webcontentzone site, you'll burn in Hell if you do.

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