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Why I Like Samorost 2018-08-29

I am referring specifically to Samorost 3 in this post, but frankly, all three games have an artistic quality about them that just plain seems pretty. The first two games are shorter and a little less refined but are well worth the play time. If you really don't want to spend $20 on it, then keep checking Humble and you'll probably find it on sale at some point. Anyways, the art and music in this game are stunning. If you haven't tried it out, then you are missing out on a sweet game. Here's a sample of one of the areas.

No, I don't get paid to say any of this, I just think the game rocks.

I should additionally add that I originally tried having this video on my own web server which sits behind a residential DSL connection. This worked, but not well. I don't much care for Google or their video hosting company YouTube, so I didn't want to put my video there. Recently I have been paying some attention to Jason Scott and his BBS related information which led me to trying to host my videos. Looks like this might work out well. The bad news is that the only way I know of to set the volume of a video like this is to chuck a couple of js lines in to the <video> tag, which I don't like but which I am hoping nobody will be disappointed with.

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