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Update: Gravel 2018-10-12

Well, all that gravel was moved... with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Thanks to Duckie for helping out with the relocation effort. Next up, a full load of sand (and possibly a new wheelbarrow).

driveway2 Got sand?

Gravel 2018-08-07

Someone had asked me about this pile of gravel I had dropped off days ago. I took a photo when it was dropped off but I haven't had time to drop off a post until now. Sorry I am slow.

img425 Got gravel?

I've actually been pretty irritated with reloading my stupid PC at home, managing the server(s) I have at my remote location, and well... shoveling gravel. Now, who wants to do my eavestrough?

img436 PS: Here's what wild parsnip does.

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