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My Fancy Keyboard 2018-06-23

I like old keyboards. I like keyboards that do not have Windows keys. I like shit that works and doesn't need gimmicks to sell itself. For a while now I have been using old keyboards... well, old hardware generally really. My old keyboards don't look cool, don't light up ('cept maybe that NumLock LED), and don't suck.

dec-rt6856t Yes, this is an actual photo of my keyboard.

Until recently I was using an old Compaq keyboard that got hit in the ground when I lost my temper myself. There are still signs of its existence, but it is clear that is no longer a keyboard. The new keyboard is great, but I would really like to have a backup in case this one has an accident one day. The trouble is, it doesn't seem to be so easy to find a solid keyboard at a price that doesn't suck.

I wish there was a place around here where folks could go get old school hardware. :-(

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