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Update: Fuck You Cloud At Cost 2018-03-28

Just in case anyone was wondering... eight days after receiving this bullshit renewal bill by email the server was killed. No notice, no warning, no consideration, no giveashitery. Gone. As the title says CaC.

Fuck You Cloud At Cost 2018-03-23

At some time in the past I got a VPS? from CloudAtCost. I had no shortage of problems with their service. I even made a more comprehensive explanation of why they suck. Today I get to make a post about how they are trying to get even more money out of me for their ridiculously poor service.

caclie CAC pricing for CloudPro

Sure looks like you can get a lifetime server for a "one time" cost eh? Well it ain't so simple. First, even though they like to brag on their site that they are "100% Canadian", those prices are US dollars. Then recently I got a bill from CAC for my VPS that was called a "Maintenance" fee, which is apparently US$9.00 per year. Now how exactly the fuck is that a one-time-cost? It isn't. I guess the positive side is that now I won't have to keep rebuilding my broken servers anymore. Wankers.

Do not buy anything from Cloud At Cost. Ever.

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