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A Dog And A Bug 2018-01-27

Some Weirdo was posting some pics today and I had to steal one. This pic of his dog being all goofy caught my eye and I decided I had to put it here. My Marigold has been on leash a lot lately and I was under the impression that it was bothering me more than it was bothering her. However, today I let her off leash out in the woods for a bit and she was runnin' around like crazy. It was pretty clear that she has been missing that freedom. A lot.

goofy_puppers Some Weirdo's goofy puppers.

I also found a Thunderbird bug today. It doesn't much matter because it is Thunderbird v3.1.20 and I'm probably the only one still running such an old version. Anyways... if I open a message in a new window, then hit CTRL-F to open the search window, then type in anything (this step may be optional), the message can't be deleted. Simply hitting ESC or closing the "find bar" allows the message to be deleted. Well, there it is.

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