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dnscrypt-proxy github Project Archived 2017-12-27

Today when I looked at the github page for dnscrypt-proxy I saw a big banner at the top saying:

This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

Back in November jedisct1 (the maintainer of the project) created this issue about looking for a new maintainer. In the issue, he said that "This repository will be definitely archived on November 17". At the time I didn't really know what that meant, so it pretty much went over my head and off my radar. It is now more than a month after November 17th, and the project has been archived. My first reaction was to worry whether the project would be continued at all, and my second reaction was that some corporate interest will come along and revive it to their advantage. The real issue right now is that the public resolvers list can no longer be updated.

I am not a big fan of github, and I am certainly not a developer, but I made a github account some time ago so I could manage my entries in the public resolver list. As a result I have a fork of the dnscrypt-proxy code and I opened this issue in hopes that we (dnscrypt-proxy users in general) could find a new home for the project. I also tried to contact jedisct1 but am unsure he even got my message. Hopefully this post will make it's way up the search engine ranks and people will find the discussion.

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