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Nice Job Facebook 2017-12-21

I assume that CSIS probably monitors my Internet activity. I could be totally wrong, but I have a hard time believing that you're on their list and I am not. So I find it funny [and sad] that when I logged in to my Facebook account today I was greeted with an ad telling me that maybe I should take a flight on Air France. That's right, facebook suggested that ad for me.

fb-fucked Duuuuur!

Some time ago I read this post at about Mat Honan's experiment to click "like" on everything, whether he liked it or not. You should read the article, it is interesting to see how it turned out. Anyways, I think that my lack of willingness to click "like" on anything makes my Facebook look a little different from most people's. I also have a habit of reporting ads as spam when I am irritated enough (which is fairly often) and clicking "hide this crap" as much as I can on junk like this. Most of my "newsfeed" is just direct posts from a few individuals.

Now I don't think I have said it on Facebook, but I have said it numerous times in other online forums and services, that there are three places on my DO NOT GO list. Gaza, the US, and France. Seriously. Gaza because I prefer not to be bombed, the US because I don't want to go to a place that bombs other people, and France... well, just because. For real. Boy Facebook, your awesome fancy programs that figure out my preferences sure have me pegged. Losers.

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