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Animal Shots From Plogger 2017-12-08

A while back I dumped Plogger because I wanted to drop all the javascript and mysql junk from I just don't like the way webapps like that (I am looking at you Wordpress) bloat up a site and make it feel like you have to push it to get from page to page. So I was looking for a nice junk-free webapp, but there just isn't one - not that I found. Don't get me wrong, I like Plogger, I just wanted to go "all minimal". So here are some photos in a simple table... click on 'em for the full sized images.

9img_0220 Marigold back in the summer.
9mfdc0004 Our new bear friend.
9mfdc0121 A couple of deer.
9mfdc4595 And a fellah with antlers.
road_12-27-27 Look who stopped in to visit.
road_12-27-30 Seriously? Right on the porch?

Now for the 4:3 photos. I figured I'd put these in a separate table so everything would line up all nice and the page wouldn't look quite as ugly eh.

mfdc0030 Boo!
mfdc0047 An early start, that went nowhere.
mfdc0067 I was sitting right at that spot this morning.
mfdc4306 A shot from last year.

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