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Update: The Server 2018-02-13

Well, I shut this server down yesterday. The traffic is being redirected to servers #2 right now so it is still working with the old keys, but people should switch to server #2 (or any other server) before I stop redirecting the traffic. This server was sadly underused and with the recent crap that happened back at xmas time I figure it is only a matter of time before people stop using it altogether.

The Server 2017-12-05

Just a few days ago I had added to the list of public resolvers and so far it hasn't had the immediate increase in traffic that I saw on the first two. I guess if I tried to market them [don't count on it] they'd be more popular. Whatever the case may be, it is up and running, some people are using it (based on traffic stats), and it is functioning just fine at approximately 1 query per second most of the day. Almost as big as Google.

The funny thing is that it is running on a Raspberry Pi model B with 512MB or memory that is plugged in to an old 14" TV I got free off some local classified ad. It is also plugged in to a 15Mbit/1Mbit residential DSL connection. I'm really pretty impressed with how well it is holding up so far.

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