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The Pumpkin Eater 2017-10-27

I keep a camera up the road here in hopes I'll find me some deer. I was also recently told that deer will eat pumpkins. So when a friend of mine brought me some pumpkins to put out for the deer I was plenty happy to take them out to the cam-spot. Turns out even though deer may eat pumpkins, they can't if the bears beat them to it. I think this is a young female, and I think there is also a slightly older male around too. I guess they're getting ready to hide away for the winter, and pumpkins are a welcome addition to their menu.

MFDC1193 Bear Shot #1
MFDC1194 Bear Shot #2
MFDC1195 Bear Shot #3
MFDC1196 Bear Shot #4
MFDC1204 Bear Shot #5
MFDC1208 Bear Shot #6

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