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eBay Feedback Time Limit 2017-09-17

So, I bought a power supply on eBay to replace a broken one on my external hard drive enclosure. Sounds reasonable enough eh? Well I bought and paid for it July 6th... but here we are 73 days later and I and still trying to get a power supply from this guy. The bad news is that if I want to file a ticket with eBay to get my money back, they'll tell me it has been too long. And if I want to leave feedback about the transaction, I can't, because it has been too long.

s-l1600 Yeah, one of these eh.

Why would eBay limit feedback to 60 days? And why would they specifically drop it to 60 days from 90 with absolutely no explanation? What's even more ridiculous is that there are people who think it should be even shorter than 60 days. Now I have to think that people who would like the feddback time limit shortended are simply dull Americans that don't know any better. They must just be accustomed to the fact that a 500kg box can be shipped anywhere within the lower 48 for a dollar in less than 24 hours. Sorry folks, the rest of the world doesn't burn oil quite that fast. Thanks for the cancer.

Sadly, all I can do now is wait another month and see if anything shows up... but frankly I have trouble seeing why the seller would be motivated to give a shit if I don't get it at this point. :-(

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