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Disable My Ad Blocker 2017-07-23

My little RSS notification application recently alerted me to this redit post which I subsequently opened. It linked to this article here by J C Bradshaw. It generally seems to be about climate change delialists, 'merikun pollution/waste, the futility of protesting, the ridiculous belief that animals shouldn't eat animals, buying shoes at 46% off, and cleaning up my Canadian criminal record.

What? Yes, that seems to be what it is about... because if I have my ad blocker enabled on that site, I get a nice whineclaimer telling me:

Please consider disabling your adblockers when reading this site. I make every effort to ensure no inappropriate, rubbish or offensive advertising appears here, and nothing that is contrary to the spirit of this blog. So it's really nothing to be afraid of. Cheers.

Actually, the whineclaimer is still there even if I do disable my ad blocker. Anyways, to be quite honest fellah, the animated ad for shoes is totally inappropriate. Your post is about people living wastefully and guess what, almost nobody in the whole world needs those shoes! In fact, this ad is specifically the opposite of what your post is about. That is kind of the definition of inappropriate.

bullshitshoes Yeah, this isn't "contrary to the spirit of your blog" at all.

I mean this is a guy who actually stuffed his plastic garbage in to a beanbag chair in an attempt to achieve "zero waste", and now the non-contrary ads on his blog are shilling shoes, wedding rings (with the promo code "bling"), fast free shipping on furniture, personal injury lawyers, and travel to Quebec City. Thanks to J C Bradshaw, it'll be a while before I give any site the benefit of the doubt and disable my ad blocking software. Not only that, but I'll be adding this rule

to my custom rules, which will get rid of his nasty gadget that partially covers the scrollbar of almost every browser capable of viewing the site.

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