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Gestion DBI Customer Service 2017-07-20

Kind of recently I got an email from someone asking for help with setting up a connection to my dnscrypt server. This was a little unexpected because I intentionally let my DNSSEC entries get messed up so that people wouldn't be able to access to the site. Clearly he was using DNS servers that no not do DNSSEC validation. This little experience gave me some motivation to get my ass in gear on finding another VPS to use as a secondary dnscrypt server.

So I bought a VPS from Deepnet, which is part of Gestion DBI. I have been eyeballing their smallest VPS level for a little while now in hopes that it might go on sale. I've been checkin' LEB and VNC looking for a deal. However, when I got this recent email from someone wanting to use a Canadian dnscrypt server now, I figured I'd pass on the deal and try one right away.

Unfortunately, their automated purchasing system flagged me as "fraud" the first time I tried to order because I was using a proxy. A proxy in Ontario Canada I might add. So I tried again without the proxy and the payment went through. The bad news is that in the control panel my VPS was listed as "pending", which I assume was a result of my initial failure. So I waited. I waited all day in fact. The ordering page has a note that says:

This VPS don't have any SLA and is not intend for production use.

So I assumed that meant my VPS was of somewhat less importance to them. So towards the end of the day I filed a support ticket asking if they could authorize my VPS. Unfortunately, this morning I had no reply waiting for me. This afternoon rolled around and still no reply at all. So I added a comment saying that I understand there is "no SLA", but no reply at all is not cool. Less than an hour later I got his reply:

The reason is pretty simple, this location is sold out. We were awaiting on renewal of the day to see if slot become available.
Unfortunately, there is none. The invoice has then been cancelled and refunded.

I checked my account and sure enough, the order had been cancelled. I don't know why I could'nt have received a reply saying "We're working on it." or "Maybe you'd like a different location?" or "Sorry, that is no longer available.". What is more confusing is that the option to buy the exact same thing is currently still listed on their site right now. Yes, there is nothing stopping anyone from having the exact same problem right now. On top of that, if I had not filled out a support ticket and hassled them about it, I don't know how long I'd be looking at a button that says "pending" and not having a VPS.

100_1472 Mishka knows where it is at.

I'm not hoping for a free ride here. I just want to pay some money, get a VPS and use it. Is that too much to ask?

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