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I Wonder Why My DSL Sucks 2017-06-02

I pay for 6Mbit DSL service. I get 4Mbit, maybe 5Mbit on a good day. There are plenty of people who are getting much faster connections at home... and frankly I am a bit jealous. To be honest, my jealousy is probably more related to the stability of their connections rather than the speed, but 4Mbit still burns my ass sometimes too. The real reason my Internet access sucks is mostly due to attenuation. I live fairly far from the CO, which means I can't get some of the wacky speeds people can in town. However, I can't help but think that this isn't helping.

tree-duur_th Click for full size.

Along this same stretch of road (maybe a couple hundred yards) there's at least fifty trees touching the lines and another four dead ones that are leaning right on them. It's not like they don't know. The Buttplonk guys were here in the fall to trim around the hydro lines. Too bad they left all the trees and branches on the phone lines less than a dozen feet below the hydro lines they were clearing off. I'm sure there is some bullshit political reason they ignore wires that clearly need the help. Wankers.

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