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DoubleClick Is Dark 2017-05-04

I normally have all kinds of ad blocking junk in place that keeps me from having to look at the junk the rest of the world just ignores on a minute by minute basis. There's the ad blocker in my browser, the DNS poisoning I do with dnsmasq, the stuff Ad Muncher blocks for me, and whatever other various junk blocking controls. However, this morning I was not using my usual DNS server because I was testing some related stuff. Because I was bypassing my poisoned DNS server, I ended up seeing a DoubleClick ad. This DoubleClick ad.

darkdblclk Think with your dick fellahs.

Now obviously I was looking for some application that could copy the contents of a mailbox to another mailbox via IMAP. And I was pretty disappointed to see that this application is Java based. But that ad just makes me cringe. Are guys so hard up that they would really think is going to get them laid? Even if it could, is that a good idea? Because I am usually behind all my ad blocking junk, I normally just don't see this kind of crap. I also don't get to see it progressively get shadier and shadier. So when it suddenly appears, I am pretty disappointed by it.

Humans suck.

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