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Some Notes About GPS Software 2017-04-20

I had taken these notes a while back when I was testing out some GPS sofwtare. I assume I was looking for something generally like OSMAND but for a laptop rather than an Android device. Of course the usual requirements of not depending on interpreter software ruled out a number of them. Maybe someone else will find this brief list of interest.

sniffigold Caught Marigold on the trail cam.
  • be on road bluestacks: android emulator sucks
  • bsgps: .net
  • earthbridge: .net and needs google earth, and no offline
  • gis planet navigator: .net, uses goog earth
  • gosmore: doesnt do much
  • gps track editor: no gps, just track files
  • gpxsee: vs runtime
  • kashmir: .net (no ask), weird
  • mapfactor: vs runtimes without asking,
  • mapsphere: runtimes without asking, for geocaching
  • marble: vs runtime - doesn't install, just doesn't work
  • merkaartor: don't get it
  • navit: too basic
  • okmap: .net4
  • qgis: huge, THREE vs runtimes without asking, heavy python, junk
  • roadnav: vs runtimes without asking,
  • topofusion: not free, not good
  • visualgps: bleh, i give up
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