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Project Honeypot Link 2016-08-20

For a while now Project Honeypot has been monitoring the IP address of, but with my recent change to SSD Nodes I decided to add my new server IP to the list. Basically the service just notifies you if your IP address is caught doing "bad things" which hit their honeypots. Fortunately I have not had any problems so far, but I figured it would be a good idea to get the weekly notification email just to tell me that it didn't find any problems.

the logo Project Honeypot logo.

In addition to getting the reports from Project Honeypot, it is also possible to help them by setting up your own honeypot. Basically you follow the instructions on their site (account required) and they'll provide you with a script (numerous scripting languages supported) and then drop that script on your site somewhere. I put mine here and you can see what it looks like by following the link. It won't harm anything or get you tagged as a spammer, you'll just see what a regular human sees... a boring legal type document that a typical human would just ignore. A spammer's harvesting software however will see the hidden email address and will add it to the spammer's list of addresses. Then, when some PC emails that address it'll be pretty clear that it is spam, since the address there is strictly not for human use.

The idea is for me to setup a number of links to this honeypot so as to encourage as many spammers as possible to go scrape the email address of it and email the honeypot address. Having a link here at is easy enough, but I gotta find some other sites that won't mind me adding a link to it as well.

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