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Trumptastic 2016-05-30

This whole Trump thing doesn't make any sense... none at all. The guy is as qualified to run a country as Hulk Hogan is. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Hulk Hogan is anywhere near the asshat Donald Trump is, I am just saying that neither one seems like president material. Then again, I wouldn't have called Ronald Reagan president but you guys did it. What's your fascination with celebrity anyways? They're the last people anybody should be listening to for advice on anything. Celebrities are the funnels from which vapid garbage seems to most readily collect in and spill from.

Strangely, it sounds like the not-so-rich 'Mer-i-kins are the ones who identify most strongly with the albino rat wearing crackhead. Really? Are you sure that this [inherited] rich guy is really one of you? He truly has a grip on what working class folks need? Come on, that is like saying I have a deep understanding of how Miley Cyrus feels after eating a fistful of mushrooms. All the guy ever wanted out of life was for everyone else in the world to do what he tells them to do which consists mostly of being white and catering to his every whim.

While it is easy to joke about such a ridiculous clown, the bad news is that if he did wind up in a position of power, he could potentially do significant damage. What is going to happen when he starts mouthing off at Saudis? What is going to happen when he finds out that he can't make Mexico pay for a pack of bubble gum? What is going to happen when the poor folks who voted for him finally figure out that he is not self-made, he is not serious about anything he says, and he is not sane?

image Donald Trump's awesome plan.

Having said all that, I am totally pro-Trump. He'll just be a catalyst for the fall of the 'Mer-i-kin empire which by the way is the shortest world superpower reign in history. I guess it is entirely possible that China will be just as smug about the whole thing.

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