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My Ugly Body Work 2016-05-19

Most of my formal training has been as a "computer goof", and most of my professinal skills are generally more useful to a large organization rather than individuals or small organizations. This sucks, because I do not really function very well in a large office environment. I am lucky that I have been able to walk away from the work force to persue a less-corporate life, but it isn't all rainbows and unicorns. There are lots of things I am not good at... like really not good at.

A good example of something I am not good at is auto body work. Part of my problem (I believe) is that I do not care how crappy my car looks, I just want it to stop rusting. As long as I don't have a big picture of Justin Bieber air brushed on the hood then I am okay with it. The reason this is a problem is that (to me) it seems like pretty well everyone who does body work is trying pretty hard to get their body work to look really good. Like they want to do a good enough job that other drivers would see my car and not realize that it is a rusty old pile of crap. I don't know who I would be fooling because I am driving a 15 year old diesel VW Golf.

image Is that ugly enough for ya?

So I went looking for some goop to put on my Golf because the area right behind the mud guards was getting pretty bad. There are certainly a lot of different products to choose from, and I don't think it is terribly clear which one is best for which job. The descriptions obviously have to say something about what it does, but they also obviously try to keep the descriptions as generic as possible to make you buy it even if it might not be the most appropriate product. As it turns out, a buddy of mine had an extra jar of goop that he said I could just have. I found a youtube video in which a fellah showed how to use wax paper to shape the goop once it is applied and I really liked that idea... so I tried it and the photo above is what I got. I'm a little doubtful that anyone will find this terribly useful, but I did want to post a pic so my buddy could see what I did with his goop.

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