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Samba Asks For Password Twice 2016-04-09

I use a Linux (currently Debian Jessie to be more precise) computer as a samba file share server, which means I have an application called samba which "shares" files with other computers on my network. I can access those files from a number of different Windows and Linux based computers and devices. Somewhat recently I was experiencing a problem where I had to type in my password twice when I wanted to access the files on this server. It wasn't really the end of the world because it didn't take long to just retype my password, in fact, at first I just thought I was typing in my password incorrectly.

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I knew the problem had to be on the server itself (rather than a client PC) because I was getting the same problem on a raspberry pi media player, a Linux desktop, and a Windows XP virtual machine. I thought that maybe there were two entries for my username in my samba password file, but that turned out not to be the issue. I ended up finding this post at the SolydXK forums which ended up fixing the problem. All I had to do was get rid of winbind. Simply running

$ sudo apt-get remove winbind

made it go away on all of my client devices. All the credit for figuring it out should go to bas_otten, I am just reproducing the information here so I can look it up quickly when it happens again.

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