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A New Start 2016-03-23

Today I was talkin' on the phone with Mike and had a minor revelation about I decided to just let most of the old centent go. All the old content (with plenty of broken paths) is still available at this archive but I will only be putting new posts here. I know there are a few old posts about TeamSpeak and hMailServer that still get some hits now and then, so I might pull those forward to the new site on a case by case basis. I'll have to remember to setup some redirections to point to the new URLs for them though... perhaps a simple .htaccess file will work.

image The key is to not care.

This is not the first time I have changed the site layout, and I can't be foolish enough to think that it will be the last time... but I still hope it is. At least I hope I never find myself migrating whacks of old data to a new site like I did back and forth with Dokuwiki and CrapPress. The good news is that without Wordpress I should be able to write a few redirection rules to dump almost all of the attacks on the site at once. I may have to go through all the existing rules and chip away at them one at a time though... we will see soon enough.

I think now that I have a bit of a template for setting up new posts I might see if I can figure out a search box. As seen in this previous post, I gotta find a search engine that works as I would expect it should. I really don't want to end up using Google, so hopefully this new simple layout will be easy enough for DDG to understand and I'll get direct results instead of monthly archives.

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