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Search Engine Woes 2016-03-22

For some time now I have been using as my search engine of choice. Most people just use Google and don't bother to think about it. But Google is one of the worst offenders when it comes to tracking users with what is called metadata and sharing it with people and organizations I don't think should be sniffing around in people's info. I started using DuckDuckGo back in May of 2010 but had occasional problems with their search syntax (exclusions specifically I think it was) and as a result switched to Startpage at some point. It has served me reasonably well for a while but when I considered switching to a new non-cms based site, I noticed that the search results were pretty limited when using "". I tried DDG with the same site-specific search but it was showing only the monthly archives rather than specific posts.

image Startpage search engine.

Having said all that, I just want to have a search engine that anonymizes Google's results - since frankly nobody seems to be able to replucate their detail and organization. Startpage seems to do this but often provides much fewer results and less appropriately organized results. I'd really be disappointed if I had to go crawling back to Google looking for links to sites that are all about hating Google. Even if I could just find a site that was willing to give up Google's exact results without modifying or evaluating them at all it would be an improvement (because it would essentially be proxying all searches and individuals would be hidden behind it).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear of any better search engines that don't require me to provide a bit of my soul in return for results.

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