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Even More CloudAtCost Disappointment 2016-01-16

Okay, so back in October I moved the web site to a server at CloudAtCost (a VPS provider). In November I had some problems with the service and got what I would consider poor customer service. Then in December I had more problems with them and the customer service was just as poor. Sadly, for the most part I have left this server unused because it is unstable and any issues with it are like pulling toenails. Just a few days ago I decided to screw with it some more to see if a VPS might make an appropriate host for video files (because of the increased bandwidth) and I have no access to my server at all. I opened yet another support ticket with them and have been waiting three days for a reply. Any kind of reply.

Today I logged back in to my account, deleted my server and tried to create a new one... hoping that maybe just destroying what I had would get rid of the problem. Turns out Wheezy is no longer an option and I had to install Jessie. Worse than that, the server creation just says it is pending. It says it'll take a minute and so far it has been at least a half hour. You guys are killing me.

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