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Really Shitting Bullets 2015-09-13

If you keep current on your posts (and you really should) you would know that Thunderbolts used to cost 3.57¢ per cartridge back in August of 2013. Shortly thereafter, a bit of a .22LR (and other cals) shortage hit. For a while there was simply no regular .22LR ammo anywhere. There were some supposedly special brand cartridges available at a much much higher rate and only in small packs.

100_2227 Blammo!

Last summer we found Winchester stuff [Wildcats and SuperX] for "prices we complained about" but we paid it because they were all we could get our hands on at the time. Unfortunately that stuff seems to feed like total crap though at least three different models of gun that we tested and it had a terrible dud rate. At the beginning of this summer I found a place that sells Thunderbolt 500 packs for $29.99 making them 6.00¢ per shot. This was a pretty big jump, and even more than Subsonics cost back in late 2013... but it was the best price we could find. So I picked up a box now and then to make sure I don't run out while I am not paying attention.

Today I went back to buy a couple of boxes... and behold, they are $35.99 now! This makes them 7.20¢ a shot, which is a 102% increase over the last two years. Really? 102%? It is really too bad that corporations have to take every opportunity they can to fuck both ends of the stick... douchey.

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