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/r/homestead Sucks 2015-05-08

Reddit is a web site where people are supposed to post links to things they read on the Internet. Get it? I reddit on the Internet? Then other people are supposed to be able to comment on the links and ultimately the conversation about the link becomes a kind of content itself. Over the years, reddit has expended its concepts to include being able to post questions that other may answer or discuss. One thing that reddit seems to have stuck to is that you may not post links to items that have already been linked to. Reddit is organized in to different "subreddits" such as /r/homestead or /r/freebeaver each obviously having their own topics of conversation.

dramaqueen Drama queen.

I didn't really start reading reddit until pretty recently, even though it has been around about a decade. As it turns out, /r/homestead is one of the subreddits I started monitoring. Unfortunately it also turns out, the homestead subreddit is a club of corporate stooges. There are posts that are basically ads for real estate agents and a number of "lottery posts" where you can win land for an entry fee and short essay. I found it irritating, but did my best to just ignore the junk and hopefully move on to more informative posts... but there were not many. I found myself using filters in my RSS feed reading software so I wouldn't have to look at posts by certain people. I also found out that any unwanted behaviour is quickly dealt with by the moderators.

I have a funny feeling Paul Wheaton spends a lot of time hovering over his brainchild subreddit so he can quickly dispatch any posts or comments he doesn't like. If you disagree with any of the people on that list about anything you can go fuck yourself if you think /r/homestead will ever hear about it - because they'll trump you faster than you can say "I like to make up fake offers to harvest email addresses". If you want to be a yes-man for Wheaton, go sign up for a reddit account... if you don't much care for corporate interests trying to look like homesteadders, then stay the fuck out of /r/homestead.

In my frustration I went looking for other related subreddits that might not be quite so full of bullshit like ads, fake lotteries, and nazi mods. Somewhere in /r/homesteading (NOT /r/homestead) I found a link to /r/PaulWheatonWatch. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks he's way out of control.

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