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Thunderbird As RSS Reader? 2015-04-26

I have some web pages that I monitor with Feed Notifier which is a Windows-only application that I believe will run under wine. Problem is, I don't want to run shit under wine, I want to find native apps. In looking for a replacement I found someone claiming that Thunderbird does this... and since I already plan to use Thunderbird I figured I'd give it a try. You have to create a "Blogs & RSS Feeds" account in Thunderbird, and then add your feeds (which is kind of clunky). However, it appears as though there is not an easy way to open the new content in your default browser but it wants to open the web pages in Thunderbird itself (which is not cool because Thunderbird does not have all the plugins, features and already logged in accounts I want to use). Let's see what happens when this gets posted and Thunderbird notifies me.

thunderturd Not sure where I stole this photo from.

Turns out Thunderbird is a piece of shit and does not give me any popup notification at all.

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