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Shitting Bullets 2013-08-22

bucketobullets Bucket O' Bullets eh.

Someone recently was telling me about a local store that is selling 1400 round buckets of Remington Goldens .22 for about sixty bucks. I figured this might be a good opportunity to do a little math. The following chart shows some pricing for a few common .22 rounds.

Ammo Rounds Price Price Per Shot
Thunderbolt 500 $17.85 3.57¢
Subsonic 500 $26.94 5.39¢
Golden 1400 $58.94 4.21¢

So let us say that we'll go through about 4000 rounds of .22 in a summer, that would be $142 for Thunderbolts, $168 for Goldens, and $215 for Subsonics. You know, for $50 a year I might be willing to buy up a couple o' buckets! However, a few YouBoob reviews have pegged them as being crap, basically claiming that they may be tarnished shitless or that they fire dirty which might suck in a semi-auto. Perhaps we'll get one bucket and see how they look and perform.

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