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Do Not Use Hotmail Or Yahoo!

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Both Hotmail and Yahoo! favour large companies, ISP's, and governments. They do so by whitelisting these large organizations so that their mail does not get flagged as spam and then deploying aggressive spam filters that even the tightest of admins can't get through. If you use your ISP's mail system, or you use a big email provider then you are probably able to send mail to Yahoo! and Hotmail without any problems. However, shitloads of people who run their own mail server have problems sending to these providers because of... well, nothing. My mail server follows all of the currently expected guidelines... I have DKIM and SPF setup, I am on a static IP address, I have NO spam coming from my mail server, I do not have virus infected machines on my network, etc etc. However, these cocksuckers still mark my mail (and many others) as spam. And I mean ANY mail... it does not need to contain links to Russian web sites or pictures of dicks with the word V!4gR4 in the subject line.

Is there a way to ask Microsoft or Yahoo! to fix this? No. They don't want to fix this... because as long as they DON'T fix this then it only encourages people to use their services (because they are the only ones that work with each other). Douchebags.

This may seem like I am just some cunt bitching because I do a bad job of running a mail server, but stop and think about how it affects people who use these services overall. Here are some links to the Microsoft forums of posts by users who can't receive mail correctly from their friends:

This list is of course BY NO MEANS EXHAUSTIVE! Microsoft has a parade of people in India replying to these kinds of queries with simple non-effective solutions, the idea being that users will get tired of the run around and will just stop asking about it. If you read through all of the threads above as well as the plethora of other Smartscreen complaints in their forums you'll see that none of them are solved.

What's really pissing me off is that my Hotmail account (just a test account) is FULL and I fucking mean FULL of spam about having a big cock, maintaining that giant erection, losing weight, genealogy, walk in hot tubs, teaching degrees, growing more hair, university degrees, free coupons tickets, word of the day, classmates, cash loans, implants, slashed car prices... and that's just the first page of emails. My test messages have NO questionable content and yet they get blocked while TEN TIMES as much spam shows up in my inbox as my junk folder. Fuck you Microsoft, right in the ass with a pineapple.

Now anyone who loves big companies would say "Why would Microsoft do that? Obviously they would want to provide great service right?". Wrong. What Microsoft wants is money and they make more money while this problem exists. The big company lovers reply "Oh that's just bullshit, capitalism will always ensure that the best product/service is always available at the lowest cost.". Wrong again. They offer free email service because they MAKE MONEY FROM THE ADS YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT WHILE USING IT. So the more people who use their service (or the service of any big company) then the more money they make. So allowing people to use small-time email providers does not make them more money... and thus the problem remains.

If anyone ever dumps a big company because of this post I would love to hear about it... because I think that most people are just too pussy to do it. People don't want to switch email addresses because they're afraid they'll miss that one-in-a-billion chance that the girl they fucked in high school will try to contact them. People are perfectly willing to compromise their integrity by looking at ads for singles in their area than just do the right thing and kick Yahoo or Microsoft to the curb. Fucking no-balls.

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