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Update: My LTSS Channel List 2019-05-13

With Shaw LTSS being in the news recently, my LTSS related posts have been seeing a lot of traffic. Frankly, I have not had Shaw for a long time now, and only really had it for a short time in 2013. I don't think the programming on LTSS was very impressive and I believe Shaw only made the agreement to run the LTSS program so that they could advertise at "free" customers about all the great packages they could be buying.

If you are far enough away from a city that you can't get any digital OTA channels and can't get decent enough Internet access to just download your media, then you are far enough out that maybe you should stop caring about what's on TV and go outside. :-)

Update: My LTSS Channel List 2017-05-09

Unfortunately, Shaw agreed to the LTSS program because (a) the government is subsidizing it and (b) they get to market at you once you sign up. I mean, what a great way to target your audience eh? You already know that your LTSS customers want to watch television and are even unable to use the competition (or are uninterested in using them). As Lloyd Nolan said in The Texas Rangers: "It's like spearing fish in a barrel, ya get one every time!". I'm not even sure if you can still sign up for the program anyways.

My LTSS Channel List 2013-07-10

Not too long ago I made a post about getting on the Shaw LTSS Program which essentially adds up to free satellite television. Now this isn't hundreds of channels and it isn't HD, but it works. The list of channels I was expecting to receive and the list of channels I got are not the exact same but perhaps it is better than I thought. Here's what I found by scraping through the channels:

ltss Image search: Shaw LTSS :-)
159 CBC News
299 CBC
302 CBC Toronto
304 CBC Thunder Bay
314 Global Thunder Bay
320 Global Kenora
331 Global Toronto
343 OMNI1
344 City Toronto
345 CHCH
346 CTV2 Toronto
351 CTV2AB Alberta
353 TVO
354 KNOW
356 MCTV
387 Home Shopping Network
392 Home Shopping Network
393 BC Legislature
397 Weather (select a city)
407 Go! Canada
825 AMIAUD (Radio)
828 CKUA (Radio)

Not too bad considering the receiver was free, the dish was free, the installation was free, and the service is free.

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