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Fuck Facebook 2013-04-16

Facebook must have made some web site changes somewhat recently because today I saw a box telling me that I should go look at some "pages" that I might be interested in. Now normally I wouldn't see any of that crap because SeaMonkey and AdBlock Plus take care of that shit for me... but when Facebook makes changes I sometimes have to adjust my filters. Anyways, here's a screenshot of the first three pages Facebook thought I might like:

fuque_facebook Come on... seriously?

Now I have no idea who Daniel and Tracey are... but is it really necessary to be advertising "Best Tits 2013"? And how do they know if the tits they are looking at are the best, if we are not even half way through the year? Couldn't some better tits come along in September, making this page inaccurate? Or is the idea that they would update this page as the year progresses? And who the fuck is so hard up that they need Facebook's tit competition? Are people really clicking on this shit? Fucking depressing.

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