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Fuck You Chris Sherret 2011-10-12

I own a few domain names other than this one, and I host the email for most of my domains all on the same server. So when I saw the same spam email show up at two of my email addresses on completely different domains at almost the exact same time, I was sure that the sender had scraped my websites to get the addresses. Here's what I got:

I'm checking to see if you need help in finding people for your IT department? We specialize in IT recruitment.

Chris Sherret
Sherret Inc.
416 423-0798

Consultants Programmer/Analysts
Directors Managers
Project Managers Software/System Architects
Systems Analysts Business Analysts
Data Modelers Programmers
DBAs Technical Support Analysts
Project/Team Leaders QA Analysts/Consultants
Systems Administrators Technical Writers

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Sherret Inc. 82 Thursfield Cresc. Toronto M4G 2N5

Now the address at the bottom was actually my email address, not his. As it turns out, if you go to you'll find some website for his recruiting company, of which he is clearly the only employee.


This post was just pulled forward from my old archive dot snork dot ca web site so that I could post this image. It was getting some hits and I didn't want to lose it. I don't actually remember where I had originally stole it from.

poor-children-pool You're welcome googlers.

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