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Legend Of The Red Dragon 2011-06-04

Back in the day I ran a BBS called Club Las Velas. It was named after a hotel I went to in Mexico a very long time ago and I had the BBS for damn near a decade I guess. The best years of its life were spent as a 386DX/40 with 8M of memory and an 850M hard drive. I was part of a BBS network called TCNet for a while and eventually become the Executive Assistant Manager (according to the last TCNPACK).

lordscreen The LORD "Town Square" screen.

Anyways, I have been kind of missing the old BBS days which have been replaced with the ad-filled Internet days. I grabbed up a copy of good old Maximus but it is a pain to get it working via telnet so I tried Synchronet. I have it working via telnet right now and I see that it seems to support ssh and has an irc daemon as well. I'll keep on testing and may open it up to the outside world. I think it would be really cool if I could get a sizable LORD community going! Anybody want to play?

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