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Update: Pidgin Minimalist Guification Theme 2017-04-27

This post from the old Wordpress site used to have a download of the theme... but recently I decided to try out github, because I am going to have to do a pull request to add to their list of public resolvers. So, I uploaded this to github as a little test. It can be found here. Anyways, here the content from the old post.

Pidgin Minimalist Guification Theme 2010-09-06

If you use Pidgin then you should probably also use the Pidgin plugin called Guifications... and if you use Guifications you may want to try my very simple theme called Snorkification. It is a bastardized and simplified hack of the Vista Light theme made by Zachary Keeping.

To Install:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it into your Guifications theme directory
    • XP: C:\Documents And Settings\Yourname\Application Data\.purple\guifications\themes
    • Vista: Fuck, I don't know
    • Win7: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\.purple\guifications\themes
  3. Open Pidgin and go to Tools → Plugins
  4. Highlight Guifications in the list and click Configure Plugin
  5. Hit the Themes tab at the top and enable Snorkification.

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