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Teamspeak 3 On Windows 2000 2010-08-16

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So if you play video games on your PC then you may have heard of TeamSpeak. It is an application that lets groups of people carry on voice communications while playing games. Actually it could be used for ANY type of voice communication but they like to play up the gamer angle. On the TeamSpeak System Requirements page it clearly states that the server component is compatible with Windows 2000. This is not true.

It WILL work on Windows 2000 but it will not work using the native Windows 2000 DLL files. If you go to the TeamSpeak Forums and search for "Windows 2000" you WILL NOT see plenty of posts from people having all kinds of problems running it on Win2k. And if you read thoroughly enough you might even find this post which has a way of getting it to work (scroll down to the post by Arkan). Now I followed the instructions and got it to work just fine but I did find that collecting the required files was a pain in the ass (especially with the old version of IE that comes with Windows 2000). So I have decided to reproduce the information here and provide copies of the files so you won't have to go clicking all over banner-laden sites or waiting for non-premium downloads from pay sites.

  1. Download this ZIP [gpg sig] [gpg key 339CC7FC ] which contains the required files
  2. Copy kernel32.dll, wtsapi32.dll, and ws2_32.dll from WINNT\system32 to TeamSpeak folder
  3. Rename them to kernel32_ORG.dll, wtsapi32_ORG.dll, and ws2_32_ORG.dll
  4. Place the five DLL's from the ZIP in to your TeamSpeak folder
  5. Run the .REG file if you have never used the wrapper before
  6. Run TeamSpeak
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