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Samsung M300 Ringtone 2010-07-23

m300 Samsung M300.

Even though I am not currently using it, I have a Samsung M300 crappy old flip phone. It isn't fancy and it doesn't have all kinds of bells and whistles... but it does make and take phone calls. I thought it might be nice though if I could be as cool as my friends with a pinhead ringer. I found it isn't so simple with this device, but it is possible. I found a post at and thought I would reproduce it here in case that site ever lost it (and because I plan to use this info again).

  1. Trim your mp3 file to 20 seconds with MPTrim
  2. Convert your mp3 to QCP file format at Media Convert - Select "Pure Voice File" .qcp as output format
  3. Get a USB Data Cable for your Samsung M300 (possibly on eBay)
  4. Attach your phone to your computer's usb port
  5. nstall Samsung CDMA Technologies Driver
  6. Download Bitpim
  7. Add your QCP file as a ringer and your M300 will restart
  8. Go to Options on your phone and set your ringer

It should be noted that when I dragged this post forward from the old site I noticed that at least one of the links in these instructions is dead. If I find myself feeling excessively motivated I might just take the time to update this to a working instruction set again.

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