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update: Testing Out DDG 2023-12-25

Today I actually saw someone hitting /?p=744 in my logs and I figured I should go see what that would have been back when I had Turdpress on Below is most of the original post which I just pasted from The Wayback Machine. I should note that I have long since given up on DDG, even though people love to defend how they censor [downrank] results intentionally.

Testing Out DDG 2010-05-28

Sometimes things bug me... OK, often things bug me. Google might be a decent search engine, but it just bugs me how they want to rule the world. They want to make people as dependent on them as possible and then that'll put them in a position to dole out the information the way they see fit. Most people don't give a shit, but then again... most people are complacent as all fucking hell and that's why our planet sucks donkey balls.

I occasionally look for a better engine, and today I ran across DuckDuckGo. Yeah the name is fucked up but it seems to work pretty well so far. I had some trouble integrating it into SeaMonkey though, seems that SeaMonkey sucks for adding in new search engines. Here's some tips:

  1. Seriously, if you are not using SeaMonkey you're missing out. IE is a pig, FireFox has that craptastic bar, and Opera is out to lunch. Go get SeaMonkey.
  2. You need to go to the searchplugins folder in your SeaMonkey directory and put in this little PNG file.
  3. In that same directory, create a text file called iduckit.src and put the following crap in it

    # Mozilla/Duckduckgo plug-in
    # I just copied shit from the existing plugins and modified them to
    # point me to instead.
    # Last updated 2010-05-28 – Snorkasaurus

    description="DuckDuckGo Search Engine"

    <input name="q" user>



  4. Open SeaMonkey and go to Edit -> Preferences. Under the Browser section you'll see an entry for Internet Search. There is where you can select DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.
  5. Open SeaMonkey and go to the URL about:config. This may give you a warning telling you to be careful. This URL shows you a whack of configuration options for SeaMonkey. In the search bar at the top you should type in You should see only 1 entry, and you should double click on that entry so you can change it to say
  6. Now type keyword.URL in the search bar and change that one to as well.

Now go use DuckDuckGo and see how you like it eh.

pic of a pooping possum Not the image that was in the original post.

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