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Getting Texmod To Work With GW 2009-12-13

image How texmod should look.

This is an updated and simplified version of the instructions, which I was motivated to make by this reddit post. Links are now to local copies of TexMod and map file with gpg sigs and key instead of fileplanet and mediafire.

  1. Download Texmod [gpg sig] [gpg key 339CC7FC] to your Guild Wars directory
  2. Download the all-in-one map [gpg sig] [gpg key 339CC7FC] to your Guild Wars directory
  3. Extract texmod.exe and readme.txt from to your Guild Wars directory
  4. Run (double click) the texmod.exe file
  5. Click the large folder icon at the top left, to select the gw.exe file (this should replace the folder icon with the Guild Wars helmet icon)
  6. Click the folder icon between the two square text boxes and just below the "Logging Mode" button, to select the Cartography-Made-Easy-Complete-Collection map file
  7. Highlight the Cartography Made Easy line in the left text box so that it shows the description in the right text box
  8. Click the Run button at the bottom

This was tested today on a Windows 7 machine with no antivirus on it. When I originally scribbled these instructions I was very likely running Windows XP (and probably without antivirus software on it). I would think that the "D'Oh" error message might be caused by either antivirus or UAC. Obviously once this is working you may be interested in creating a shortcut to Texmod so it will be quicker to start.

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