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Update: OK, Fuck This 2023-12-25

I went back through some old Wayback Machine stuff to find old Turdpress posts, and added this today.

OK, Fuck This 2006-08-07

So I have been waiting forever for SimplySurf to get thier act together and get me some Internet access. They told me it would be ready by the end of February and then started pushing back the dates. There were excuses from all directions and my annoy-o-meter started to rise. On July 21st they finally got shit working. Sort of.

As it turns out they have a weak crappy signal from our closest access point and it works only intermittantly for me. A few neighbours have it functional but not most of us. SimplySurf has been bringing over what they call modems to our homes (though I fail to see what they modulate or demodulate, they look more like media converters to me). So as I was using this bitchin new service I found that I don't even get a public IP address. I got a private IP address which means I can't forward any ports to my machines inside my network. Which in turn means "no more server crap". So I call and get told that I can have a public IP address for $100 per month. Thanks for mentioning this shit on the many occasions that I mentioned to your staff that I wanted to run servers of my own. Now at this point in time I still have no reliable service, no reply to my email from SimplySurf and no idea when I'll be getting either one. Thanks for a fucking bang up job fellahs.

So as it stands I have decided to just continue to use my current hosting situation and forget about SimplySurf ever coming through for me. If they ever do, it will be a bonus. I have already spent some time setting up a new hardware arrangement and will be switching over to it soon.

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