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Terms Of Use

This is a web site, use it to entertain yourself, educate yourself, occupy yourself, or whatever. If your IP address (or your proxy's IP address) is found to be an irritation, then it might get blocked (automatically or otherwise).

Intellectual property laws suck, and are generally favourable to people who are already rich. I sometimes use photos or text that belongs to someone else, but I try not to make it seem like it is my own self-generated content. Feel free to use my content for your own [hopefully] non-commercial purposes but don't try to make it seem like you made it. That is just a dick move.

Privacy Policy

Like pretty well every other web server, this web server collects typical logs for most parts of this site. These logs include IP addresses as well as user-agent, requested content, and time of the request. This information is pretty harmless and is only used to monitor for unusual behaviour. Unless you are doing something pretty stupid you'll quietly slip under the radar and I'll barely notice you. There are some parts of this site, such as the chat interface which are specifically and intentionally not logged at all. This is because you could potentially type personal information in to that interface and recording it would be a violation of your privacy.

There is no need for anyone to have an account at the web site and as a result, no need for cookies to be accepted from this web server or presented to it. If you wish to disable cookies (and I recommend that you do by default) you can find reasonable instructions here at WikiHow.

I will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute any information that may deliberately or accidentally be collected by this web server. In the event that I need to publish log contents (for the purpose of support or otherwise) I would sanitize any entries by masking, modifying, or removing any identifiable information (like IP address) first.


If you really need this site to have some kind of license, use Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. How ya like them apples?

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