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Yes, has been around since 2001 in some form or another. As you can see in the screenshot, it used to be a static site with an ugly (my favourite) hit counter and a BBS-like black background. At some point I tried Wordpress, as well as other content management systems like b2evolution and phpbb. I guess I found Wordpress to be the most intuitive way to post information and as a result I probably used it more over the years than anything else.

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The trouble with all of these "applications" is that they are frequently targeted by jackass hacker goofs (and scripts) who want to use your site to host redirection sites, send spam, infect other sites, and generally serve their purposes. The applications themselves are really not very insecure or full of bugs, but the biggest power they have is usually their plugin or addon systems... which are most often the part of Wordpress sites that gets them in to trouble. Wordpress has tens of thousands of plugins and of course there is no way for the people who maintain Wordpress to keep track of the security problems in all of them. Even when you harden up your web server to the attacks there is still a significant amount of traffic and logging from all the attacks. In fact, it seemed at times like WP attacks were 90% of the traffic on my site.

Eventually I got tired of fighting pinheads and updating WP, so I dumped it for Dokuwiki. It is a flat file based [needs no database] wiki system and I figured that the only blog feature it was missing was a "recent posts" root page. I am pretty sure that someone actually came up with a plugin for that but I never cared enough to figure it out. Dokuwiki served me reasonably well for a while but it would occasionally bug me about updates which were a big hassle to do, and it usually continued to complain for a day or two even after performing the update. I liked the syntax (markdown) it used, and the way it managed media was tolerable, but it just didn't seem right for the purpose. So eventually I went crawling back to Wordpress.

Once again I found myself hating Wordpress but still using it. This time it was javascript that set me off. I was finding myself looking at other web sites and hating their javascript... it made me want to dump my javascript in an effort to lead by example. I looked around for content managers that worked without javascript, but it seems like everyone in the world uses javascript. I seriously couldn't find a way to run a non-javascript laden blog site without making one from scratch... which sucks because I find most programming languages are scattered and don't always follow even their own conventions. So, I am trying it. This is my [likely to be considered crappy] homebrewed site.

Having said all that... over the years Snorkuserve has changed in both layout and content a few times but has never had ads or begged for money. It is not about the monetization of my work, it is about sharing knowledge and encouraging participation. I don't want to collect your metadata and I don't want to sell information about you to anyone. I don't want to keep an eye on what web sites you like or what groceries you buy or ... well, any of that crap. Sure it costs me to run this site but you won't see any overlays covering up my knowledge and telling you to disable your ad blocker, sign up for my mailing list, and make a donation. There has been plenty of rage here in the past and there will probably be plenty more... I just hope I can find the testicular fortitude to keep putting it in this manually generated format.

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