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Snorkumine [last update: 2019-02-05]

In The Beginning

Minetest is a sandbox game that was inspired by Infiniminer. Most people are probably more familiar with Minecraft (also inspired by Infiniminer). The problem with Minecraft is that it requires Java, which is terrible. Since I needed to find a replacement for Guild Wars, I figured a sandbox game was the kind of thing I could play for a very long time. But Java-based Minecraft was just not an option... so I tried Minetest. I actually didn't like it at first. I didn't like the fact that it is an empty shell that needs quite a few mods to make it worth using. Some months passed and I tried it again. I guess this time I gave it more of a chance, and now there is Snorkumine.

This Is Not Minecraft

While I have of course heard of Minecraft and seen a few videos of it, I don't really know what the gameplay is like or how [dis]similar it is from Minetest. Ultimately, if you are looking for Minecraft, this is not it. This is a sandbox block game in which you can mine blocks, build stuff, and interact with other players. If you are expecting this to be the same as Minecraft you might be disappointed... on the other hand I guess you could also be impressed.

How To Install Minetest

Whether anyone elses likes it or not, I consider Windows XP to be a perfectly valid platform for games that do not require a ridiculous graphics adapter. Snorkumine is in fact running on Windows XP SP2. It is running Minetest version because version 5.x (not officially released as of 2019-02-05) will not run on XP. If you wish to connect to Snorkumine you'll need to use version 0.4.x. Install from the official Minetest downloads based on your platform.

Create An Account

When you start Minetest you should see a login window that looks like the screenshot below. The server name is, the port should hopefully already be set to 30000, then all you have to do is choose a name and passord. The first time you connect it will create your account with the password you choose.

mtlogin Minetest login screen.

How To Play

A number of "block games" like this require players to immediately harvest some resources, build some basic tools, then use those tools to make a basic house that can be used to hide from mobs. In Snorkumine, when you first join you can fly and you can teleport. Press K to enable "fly mode" and go look around the world. You will not be able to interact with blocks yet, but you can get an idea of whether this is a place you think you'd like to build some stuff. If you decide to stay, just shout at me in game or email me at and I'll change your access. Just be aware that when I give permission to interact with blocks, I also remove your permission to fly, so use the break-in time wisely. :-)

If you have never played a block mining game before you might want to check out this guy's YouTube videos. He has a ton of videos on how to play Minetest, and lots of gameplay tips. Scroll way down to the bottom if you want to start at the beginning. Once you have the general idea, you'll want to know how the Snorkumine specific mods work.

Snorkumine Mods And How To Use Them

Minetest is really just the "game engine". It provides the framework for user accounts, basic blocks, inventory structure, map generation, and other low level functions. Mods are the plugins that add things like furniture for your house, a GPS that helps you get around, mobs that provide resources or might beat you up, and other features that make the game interesting. Each server has its own list of mods and its own configuration that make it unique. Here are the mods (other than the default ones that come with minetest_game) used at Snorkumine and how to use them:

Areas: protect your house

The Areas mod lets players protect their stuff. You basically specify the opposite corners of a box area with some chat commands and then take ownership of the area. How to use it is described here at the mod github repo. Once you have decided on a build site it is a good idea to protect it in case goofs show up on the server for griefing.

Mobs: Rabbits And Cows And Horses Oh My!

The Mobs mod actually has three sub-mods installed in to it called animals, monsters, and horses. Click on each of those links to see how to interact with each type of mob. Examples include getting milk from cows with a bucket and using shears to get wool from sheep.

Unified Inventory: A Place For Your Stuff

This mod is just a replacement for the default inventory screen. You do not have to do anything to use it, you just see a different screen when you press I to view your inventory. Unified Inventory has some additional features such as bags (which you have to make) that let you carry a lot more stuff. An added bonus is that when you die and respawn you keep the contents of your bags with you... that is a hint to make bags! The most important part of this mod is the ability to look up the recipies for crafting any of the items available in the game.

Xban2: Don't Be A Dick

Xban2 is an administrative mod only. In short, if you don't follow the rules you might get banned (see section on Rules below).

Basic Materials: Adds A Few Items

The Basic Materials mod just gives you some more things to craft if you want. You don't interact with this mod, and it is a dependency for the Home Decor mod below.

CompassGPS: You will want one of these

The CompassGPS mod lets you craft a GPS device that allows you to store bookmarks and teleport to them at any time. I highly recommend reading the mod page at the above link to find out how to make and use it.

EarthBuild: Earthen Building Supplies

The EarthBuild mod provides some new items that allow you to make buildings and structures from less industrial materials such as rammed earth and cob.

Home Decor: Lots Of Stuff

This mod provides a bunch of items that can be used to make your house look more like a house. It has furniture, applicances, and even TVs. Just look through your inventory crafting guide to find them all.

Moreores: Tin, Silver, And Mithril... Oh My!

As the title says, this mod add three new ores to the game..

Signs Lib: Better Signs

The default game has simple signs, but Signs Lib adds a few more with some fancy colours. I should also note that I also added extra fonts to the signs pack.

Unified Dyes: More Colours

The Unified Dyes mod just adds more colours to the game and I believe may be a requirement for Home Decor.

Snorkumine Rules

Here are the rules that everyone should follow on Snorkumine:

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. When in doubt, see rule #1.

More To Come...

I'll add more here as I see fit. if you have stuff you want me to add just let me know.

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