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Bike 2010-05-24

bike shot Snork's bike.

As I was going through the old posts looking for stuff to migrate to the new site, I came across this decent quality shot of the bike when it happened to be fairly clean and on a bright enough day. Being May, I was also probably excited to get it out for the spring. I like the bike, and do not want to sell it... but frankly I haven't driven it in years and it has just been sitting in the basement. I guess it is time to let it go eh.

I really don't want to post it on Kijiji because as soon as you post an expensive item there you get swamped with stupid scams and spammer junk. A steady supply of advance fee and purely ridiculous junk messages. Unfortuantely I can't think of a better classified site to use... perhaps AutoTrader is the way to go? I'm not sure if I'll still get all the scam messages from there too. :-(

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