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Git Sucks

For a while now I have been wanting a self-hosted github-like service that I could use to store some scripts, dotfiles, and generally code-like text for myself and anyone else who could use them. The trouble with github is that it is now owned by Microsoft and frankly, they are not in the business of providing useful free services because they like you... they do it for money and will do whatever they wish with the data uploaded to github, without asking the users if they think it is a good idea. They'll also use Github as a way to convince users to use other Microsoft services based on interoperability.

gitsucks Photo obviously pilfered.

The best Github alternative I could find was Gitea, but it is written in Go [which is a little ugly], is distributed as a single 60MB+ binary executable, has a not-so-great backup facility, has an entirely manual restore facility, and does not run on OpenVZ containers which are stuck on an older kernel. The Gitea "kernel too old" issue does have at least one person saying that building from source will work but I'm not sure I am interested in turning a rented OpenVZ container in to a guinea pig for a Gitea that may work. I figure I am better off just ignoring version control [because I don't really care about previous versions] and so I made this subsection of


snorkomasq is a script that will download various lists of crappy hosts and domains, then convert them to something dnsmasq can use. At home I run dnsmasq to provide DNS services for my local network. This script basically blocks access to crappy domains by telling my home computers that [for example] is If you run dnsmasq as a local caching DNS server, you may want to use this script to provide some protection on your network too. To use it:

  1. Read through the script to see what it does first
  2. Save it to the dnsmasq box [ie: wget -O]
  3. Enable one or more lists by changing "false" to "true" at the top of the script
  4. Enable and modify the list of bad TLD’s to block if desired
  5. Use chmod to make it executable [ie: "chmod +x"]
  6. Run it
  7. Confirm it is working with nslookup [eg: nslookup]
  8. Add it to your weekly or daily cron to keep the lists updated
  9. Profit


This is my personal filter list which I use with uBlock Origin. I do a lot of ad/tracker blocking via DNS (see snorkomasq above), so I do not need a filter list as comprehensive as Easylist. I also use this list to simply improve the appearance of some sites, including aggressive social media buttons, scroll-following feedback buttons, and irritating live-chat popups.

This list can be added to your uBlock Origin (and possibly other compatible browser extensions) using this URL:

If you have suggestions, additions, or removals please feel free to submit them eh (contact info is at bottom of about page).


Seems to me there is no good browser. As a result, I wind up using the least crappy thing I can find which is Firefox ESR. Even ESR has become pretty crappy, so I run version 52.9.0 right now as it seems to be the best balance of "what works" and "not as crappy as newer versions". Some of the addons I like still work with it, which is more than I can say for the current version. However, there are still piles of crappy things about it that I think are ridiculous defaults for a browser. So I made this script, which fixes some of the things I generally don't like.

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